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Why are some fight teams still not learning how to grapple well?


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Apr 1, 2005
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I have a link here to my last fight back in May. I fought a guy from a Tae Kwon Do School, which had been fighting MMA for a while. The man yelling throughout the fight is one of his instructors/corner men. Listen to what he tells him to do when I mount him.

Bye the way I'm wearing black shorts and he is wearing blue with a stripe.

How the fuck was he supposed to armbar you??? Nice win by the way...
Hmm nice fight. But why the hell are his cornermen so far away from the cage?
good win man...

there is an armbar from within the mount though. it's the one that is posted above me, but it probably won't work in mma. at least not when somebody is punching you. add the sweat to it, and it more than likely will never work...
Good fight man. Damn that lady was loud at the end, caught me off guard. Was that your first win because you were celebrating like you won the Super Bowl.
Thank you all for the kind words. I celebrated like that cause it had been a while since I had won. I enjoyed every second of it, even if I looked like a retarted kid. lol which I did.
That was sweet man.

I couldn't follow that guy's advice at all...
nice triangle
Sorry fellas, but that armbar would never work on me if I'm mounted on someone. Probly wouldn't work on most of us here...
Great job with the triangle. I thought he was escaping and then you slapped that thing on. Pretty slick!

The comments were pretty funny. What is most funny is that he almost did what was his best chance of escaping the triangle: steeping over your head and trying to corkscrew out of it (the same way that Shogun escaped Babalau's). But they are screaming hammerfists...
congrats on the win first of all ... and yea that guy was just making no sense he might've gotten out of that triangle if he hadn't listened to the guy telling him to club him when it was already fully locked
Nice fight. Congrats on the win.

Regarding the topic, I agree. It's insane to enter an MMA competition now without at least a little grappling experience.
Thank god you choked that kick out. It goes to show him and his instructor don't know shit. Thanks for repping BJJ

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