Who's Striking Is The Most Entertaining To Watch?


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Nov 22, 2010
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Out of all the guys on the UFC roster, who's striking is the most interesting to watch in your guys opinion?

I love watching:

Jose Aldo.
Anderson Silva.
Ben Henderson.
Carlos Condit.
Junior Dos Santos.
Donald Cerrone.
Anthony Pettis.
Charles Oliveira.
Cung Le.
Thiago Alves.

What's your guys opinion? And just for a bonus outta curiosity, who has the best striking for MMA, give me your top 5-10 guys in MMA today who have the best striking accordingly for MMA today.
Jose Aldo and Anderson Silva. The most technical and the best finishers.
I really like watching Anderson of course.

Gustafsson and wineland too (their movement is pretty awesome)
Leonard Garcia....it's like poetry in motion...if i had down syndrome
Anderson is the right answer.
Ryan Bader. His footwork reminds me of when kids in school take 10 mini steps before shooting a basketball.
Can I say Spong or is that bullshit?
Pettis, and he hasn't showed much of it yet in the UFC
Anderson and Dos Santos are the most entertaining strikers in MMA I think.
For wow factor its obviously Anderson Silva, but I sure love watching Pat Barry strike. He is a conventional kick boxer, but he throws with such power that you are never sure when one of his strikes are gonna end the fight. Same goes with Vitor