Who's next in line for the WW Title?

Jay Jay

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Sep 29, 2012
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Ellenberger/Hendricks winner seems like a no-brainer. I am of the opinion that Ellenberger should get a shot with a win over Hendricks because of his body of work (W's over Sanchez and Shields) prior to Kampmann loss. And even in that loss, he almost murdered Martin. I realize not everyone may agree on this though. Hendricks is a sure-fire #1 contender with a win

what about Maia/Fitch winner?

Rory MacDonald with a win over Carlos Condit? I know he has maintained that he would not fight GSP, but who knows if Dana throws him a heap load of $ that allows him to set up an independent training camp from TriStar
Maia-Fitch winner should face Saffadine or Rory-Condit winner
hopefully not a contender that's overrated or exposed. I hate those contenders.
Hey, seeing as how EVERY OTHER Strikeforce Champ gets a shot to "unify" into the UFC Championship (Gilbert Melendez being the next one as well) why shouldn't Tarec get s shot?
god dont make johnny fight another eliminator. we'd never hear the end of it.
hendricks v tarec for true #1 contender!
Good question, TS. I think it depends on who wins each of the upcoming big fights, and how. That is, Maia/Fitch is probably like Bisping/Belfort, in that only one guy gets a title shot (not Fitch).

I don't think Rory/Condit winner gets a shot unless Diaz wins (and even then, Zuffa will probably do immediate GSP-Diaz rematch as it will sell more than either Condit-Diaz II or Rory-Diaz).

Hendricks likely gets a shot, but only if he wins impressively - that is, a split decision will not do. Ellenberger is probably in the same Belfort / Fitch boat, insofar as a win over him somehow makes you title-shot-worthy, but if he wins, he probably won't get the shot.
I think Hendricks if he wins. Then Saffiedine after that if he doesnt lose before then.
Sonnen will call out the WW champ after the JJ loss.
Sonnen will call out the WW champ after the JJ loss.

And if/when he loses in the WW title fight, Sonnen will call out the flyweight and bantamweight champions simultaneously - together those guys weigh in at 260 lbs (125+135), so if Dolce is telling the truth and Sonnen walks around at 240, they can fight at heavyweight.
If Hendricks wins he will get the next shot. If he loses it should be the winner of Condit/MacDonald