Who's more loud? John Anik or Mauro Ranallo?


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Apr 10, 2007
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I just realized how over the top and loud this dude is. Get this fucking guy out of here man.

He reminds me of Mauro Ranallo in Strikeforce (not when he was good in PRIDE).
I like Mauro Ranallo, I don't know about who is the loudest but Mauro is a lot better at his job.
Stop whining.

Mauro is 10 times more annoying than Anik, he tries way too hard.
Mauro is the cheesiest commentator I have ever come across... and that's why I loved him so much. I used to tune into Elite XC and Strikeforce just to here what one-liner he spews out next. It was hilarious.
I don't know who is more loud, but I know that Mauro is a lot annoyinger.
Mauro breaks sound barriers when someone gets KOd. I like Mauro, you can hear by his commentary that he's a huge MMA fan.

Mauro is WAAAAAYYYY louder and more intense than Anik. Not even close, although I can see the root of the comparison.