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Who you still be interested in this match up?


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Aug 3, 2012
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Would y'all still be interested in seeing bj penn vs koscheck?
I would still want to see it pretty bad! I love both fighters! Penn has the ability to hang with any fighter when he's actually dedicated! And koscheck is an all around good fighter. I love penn but I think koschecks wrestling would be to much.

This fight is way overdue but I would still like to see it and it would bring good ratings! Thoughts on that fight?
not anymore. i love bj but i couldnt stand to watch him fight another strong wrestler
I'm tired of hearing all this bullshit about how Penn would beat this fighter if he was.motivated or.this fighter if he was.motivated...he hasn't been motivated in years so fucking just give it a rest the dudes DONE
No. I don't want to see him fight at WW again.
no, if Penn returns I want him at lw or not at all.
If B.J. is going to fight again at WW it has to be against a fighter who has built a name and he would be a favorite over. I think Dan Hardy is the fight for him at WW and with a win the Koscheck fight could be next.
I wouldn't be too interested in this fight tbh. It seems like it would be irrelevant and have a high chance of being incredibly boring.
I think it's a consensus...no one wants to see BJ fight at 170 again. I do believe that if he really dedicated himself to the sport again, like the Diego fight; BJ could be relevant again at 155. If he moved to Brazil of Florida or some other camp and dedicated himself, BJ could perhaps be the only fighter to rule in three weight classes. Big "ifs" but he could do it. If not, then just hang them up and find another prodigy to train and enjoy life.

he was just champ a couple years ago and now some of you fucking clowns say he is done? morons
Kos would overwhelm him and beat him up, same could be said for a large part of the WW top 10.