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    Dave Camarillo is the head grappling coach for AKA (where Fitch, Swick, Koscheck, ect. train) - he is famous for his Judo and BJJ skills that he combined and calls Guerrilla Jiu Jitsu - but the fighters he trains don't seem to display Judo very much (or at least they're not famous for it). Karo Parisyan comes from Hayastan Grappling (a mix of sambo, catch, judo, ect.) and is very famous for his ability to use Judo in MMA but he isn't finishing fights the way the AKA fighters are. If Karo Parisyan and Dave Camarillo got together and shared what each know, who would benefit more from it? How would it change Karo's style (if at all)? How would it change the AKA fighters styles (if at all)?
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    ummmm i think karos problem for not finishing fights is that:

    (1) he seems to not have heavy hands
    (2) his submissions are not at the level of most people int he ufc (now he did smoke Dave Strasser with a rolling kimura with was sweet, but that was waaaaaaay in ufc 44!!!)

    Karo would defently benefit more from Camarillo if they shared ideas

    now Karo could show him his techniques for no gi judo as well and iam sure Camarillo and AKA guys would like that, but clearly being able to do a Uchi Mata doesnt ensure a early stopage victory (it do get you much need points, but you shouldnt strive for that as your game plan)

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