Who was it that beat Baroni...


Jul 18, 2005
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in that Toughman a few years back? Anyone remember? The one where Phil decided to show his ass and go ballistic backstage.
Yea...not so long ago...I believe he said it was after college and before he began in MMA...he lost to a kid who looks like Nick Diaz...Baroni had dude rocked in the second round and kept looking to the ref to stop it...dude came back in the third and rocked Baroni bad...anyway, he won a split decision and Baroni went fucking apeshit in the back kicking over shit, screaming, etc...when I saw him (Baroni) in MMA a few years later I remembered him because of that tirade...I was like "oh shit, that's the dude from Toughman!"
Baroni started his career on Toughman ... the show use to be on FX channel
I heard about his toughmana appearance, if anybody has videos or pics, please post them
When i saw the thread title i thought it was a joke
yea, rory...the name gives it away...lol...so, nobody here knows who the Pre-MMA Baroni conqueror is?
He was a 19-year-old kid from Arizona or something. They called him "Rattlesnake." David Ruiz or Rodriquez, I believe.