Who should Melendez's first opponent in the UFC be?


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Oct 9, 2012
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who should Gilbert Melendez fight first in the UFC? (barring Bendo)

Pat Healy
Gray Maynard
Eddie Alvarez
Joe Lauzon
Jim Miller
I would like to see incoming Melendez vs. returning Sherk.
If he doesn't get the immediate shitle tot, I would say

Pettis vs Melendez would be a great No.1 Contender fight.

Also, I'd friggin love to see Eddie vs Gil one day soon.
Maynard unless his recovery timing doesn't sync up in which case Miller would be fine.
Benson. A champion vs champion fight would make a lot of money and would just make the fight more interesting.
I'm ignoring you, it should be Bendo unless there's an injury.
Bendo, for the title.

If not, then Jim Miller, Gray Maynard, or Showtime.
Alveraz for a title eliminator...

Or RDA...

Bendo needs to fight one of these three as I think they pose the best match ups / stylistic challenges.

BENDO vs. Alvarez, RDA or Gil :icon_chee
Why barring Bendo? Thats what his real next fight is going to be?

I would like to see him fight Maynard or Edgar after. Maybe Aldo too. That would be assuming there were changes in weight
I thought I read somewhere that Eddie Alvarez gets an immeadiate title shot, I could be wrong but I thought that was part of his contract.....So I think Gil should get Gray or Pettis-Cerrone.....

You know?

I thought he was quietly retiring into the night, but the guy said he wants to fight again.

He has only lost to people ranked number 1/Champions.

It would also hard to imagine Gil turning a fight down with a legend.