Who is more intimidating


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Sep 2, 2012
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A. Silva or Hector? Who do you think is a scarier fight for the opposition? Obv Silva is a monster but something about Hector and his demeanor would scare the shit out of me lol. Guess thats why im not a mixed martial artist.
Obviously Silva is the better fighter, but from just looking at them, Lombard is definitely more menacing.
If i never knew or heard of either of them, hector. Silva just seems like a normal guy tbh
Hector as a person is scarier but skillwise AS is scarier. Hector lost a split decision to Boestch so it shows he isn't invincible.
Silva easily... both can knock you out but Silva can embarrass you and make you look like you don't even belong in the cage with him.
Silva. Nobody's getting out alive.
Yea Silva is def better than Lombard but honestly i think if im going to get knocked out i rather get hit by Silva than Lombard and his sledgehammers. Also Hector looks like he wants to decapitate you when he hits you. Silva just doesnt give a fuck and demoralizes you.
Anderson is one of the first guy's that taught me to never judge a book by it's cover lol.
Anderson is one of the first guy's that taught me to never judge a book by it's cover lol.

That should b the first rule in rage book ! Would save a lot of trouble lol
Without knowing who they are, Lombard.

Knowing, Silva by a goddamn mile.
Lombard has those eyes where it looks like he will literally kill you without thinking twice about it Silva is only scary bc of his skills not looks
Anderson silva won't kick your head off if you make a joke about him, Hector probably would..
If I saw them both in a bar it would definitely be Lombard, but there's no question Anderson is the FAR more intimidating of the two.
Based just on looks alone, it's Lombard most definitely! Speaking of these two, that's a fight I'm pretty sure a lot of people wouldn't mind seeing.
Just by looking at them and not knowing who they are, probably Hector, but anyone who knows MMA knows what Anderson has done, and that invincibility aura makes him much mroe intimidating.
Lombard would murder me

I feel Andy would show mercy