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Who has rolled with a girl before?

Discussion in 'Grappling Technique' started by Snowman3459, Sep 25, 2010.

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    May 24, 2009
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    I'm also a bigger guy who did powerlifting before BJJ. What I do is this, I still find it beneficial. Maybe you would too. Because you WILL roll with people smaller and weaker than you (and if you emphasize strength training like it sounds like you do, the majority will be weaker than you), so it's good to find a way to make it beneficial. The alternative would be to start your own gym with only people your size but that's not good for anyone - I like training with people with different body types and I think they benefit too - when I see experienced smaller guys I've trained with for years easily beat big and strong new guys I like to think that some of that comes from training with me.

    1) actively recover during matches with lighter people, then use that energy in other matches. If you're strong then you probably have to manage your pace and energy anyway. So rest during them - you can't go a TRUE 100% for more than a minute anyway (90% for like one match) - so rest up during the matches with lighter people and you'll have more energy to use for other matches. I greatly prefer to match up with lighter people during later rolls, for that reason.

    Marcelo has a good video about conditioning where he goes probably close to 100% for a brief period. You can't sustain that - so rest up during certain matches/periods so you can use the energy later.

    2) do stuff I'm not good at. I had a very sketchy open guard at one point and would be passed instantly by other guys my level at the time - so I did only open guard against lighter people. The reason this works is because the size and strength difference is great enough that they won't pass your guard instantly, allowing you time to build your technique. It worked, and in a few months I was starting to sweep my peers. Now my open guard is stronger than my closed guard if they're standing, and I'm working the butterfly guard.
    3) give up top position quickly with risky subs and go back to working your bottom game. Me smashing someone literally about 2/3 my size and probably 1/2 my strength or something doesn't help them, and it doesn't help me either, what's the point of that - it teaches me bad habits. So go for a rolling toe hold from top side control or a spinning knee bar from top half guard - if you hit it that's great, if not, great - you're back on the bottom again and can work that and also you get better at leglocks.

    There are now a few guys in the gym clearly bigger and stronger than me now (we have some REAL monsters - we're talking 280 pound wrestlers - it's pretty cool) and when I roll with them I'm VERY glad I've made training with lighter guys productive. There will always be someone bigger and stronger.
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