Who do you usually want to win when your 2 favorite fighters fight?


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Nov 12, 2012
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For example, Jon Jones vs Chael Sonnen. I love both of these guys and I dont know who I want to win.
Im a fan of both as well. That being said, it'd be epic if Sonnen wins.
All hail Chael!

I want Edgar to win due to the fact that he always seems like the underdog every time he fights.

Loved the butthurt that ensued when he beat BJ 2x.
Just hope they both simultaneously knock each other out.

For Sonnen-Jones, I agree :)

In an actual case of liking both fighters, I just care to see both guys perform well and put on an exciting, technical fight, with neither one suffering overly serious injury.
Diaz vs GSP, respect both fighters.
I like Cain & JDS a lot, was sad to see JDS take a beating and look so helpless but overall, it would have been sad to have seen Cain get KO'd for a second time.

It was similar with Fedor/Arlovski - big fan of both and while it was a shame to see Arlovski KO'd after making a promising start.. I loved watching Fedor win.

Good thread, tough question. It's much easier seeing someone you like laying a beatdown on someone you don't.
The one I like more.

There's this new anecdote going around about how if you can't decide between two things, flip a coin, and as soon as the coin is in the air, you'll find yourself hoping it lands on a certain side, and then you'll know that's the one you really want even before it lands.

Well for me it's been like that when two of my favorite fighters fight. At one point, maybe I didn't think I'd be able to choose between them, but the closer it got to the fight, (sometimes.. even DURING the fight) I realized which person I wanted to win.

A few examples:
Lesnar/Mir 2

besides Fedor, those 3 guys were easily my favorite hw's, at the time of each fight Lesnar was #1 and Mir/Overeem were #2 on my personal favorite list of hw's.

but with Lesnar/Mir 2 in particular, I didn't really know who I wanted to win until very close to the fight when suddenly I was just like "it's brock... it's definitely brock. I love mir, but i want Brock to win"

Shogun/Henderson was also like that, leading all the way up to the fight, I was one of those "I don't want either of them to lose" types because I like them so evenly.. but then when the ref started the fight, I instantly knew I was pulling for Hendo

GSP/Hughes 3 was also a weird one because they were my favorite two ww's and two of my favorite fighters and though I had rooted for GSP in the 2nd fight, as soon as the fight started, I found myself rooting for Hughes (though after that GSP became my favorite fighter of any weight class)

Sometimes it's situational. Like.. I wanted Lesnar to beat Mir because even though i liked them evenly, I didn't want the Lesnar haters to get what they wanted and be able to say that Brock was "exposed as soon as he fought a real heavyweight"

and hendo/shogun, i knew shogun was young enough to come back, but I knew that this was hendo's last good chance at a run and would be such a beautful follow up to the Fedor win

GSP/Hughes 3 actually was very situational too because even though i actually sort of like GSP more, I didn't want people thinking Hughes was done. And I knew GSP could always come back cause he was so young.

Sonnen/Silva 1 and 2 also, as much as I love Anderson Silva and think he's by far the coolest highlite machine in mma history, the way that situation was set up, it just would've been so cool for Sonnen to back it up.

TLDR version:
-usually you like 1 more than the other
-the situation of each person's career and legacy can change how you feel (as in who really NEEDS the win more?)
For some reason my latino ass can't read the tittle properly.
Just sit back, enjoy the fight and may the best man win.
Usually if my favorite 2 fighters fight. I always want the guy that deserves it more( struggles in career and personal problems).
Easy answer, whichever fighter that has the best chance to be great for the long term....
Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen are in fact my two favourite fighters.
I just don't want to see anyone get hurt too badly.
I'm good with either winning, I just hope it's a good, competitive fight.
When Penn/Diaz fought I did not root, I just watch the fight and may the best man on the night win. When Diaz won I was happy for him but very sad for BJ. Hard to watch.