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Jan 1, 2004
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I have seen some really nice white rashguards around (the nogi comes to mind), but I am reluctant to buy one because I am afraid it will get all dirty and get a permanent brown patch across the back from working the guard like my white gi. Anybody have any experience with white rashguards? Do they stain this way?

I noticed that XFGear has a white and black rashguard, but it is black on the front instead of on the back, as would make more sense to me. Are their any rashguards out there that are black in the back, but white otherwize? Is dirt on the back even an issue?

Any advice would be appreciated.
Hmm, thanks. I'm not sure I would want to spend the money to wash and dry after every use though.
You don't have to but since we were testing for a new product I washed the hell out of it because washing and drying kills most rashguards.

hmm.. then don't wear it everytime you train. Rashguards absorb sweat and stink very quickly. Unless you are one of those guys that have bad hygeine to begin with, Putting 1.50 everyday after you train isn't a big deal. Especially since you don't HAVE to wear it everyday.
I usually just rinse it out in my sink after training and dry it. Anyway, sounds like dirt is not an issue overall, which is good.

SSF - Do you have any of the No gi white rashguards in stock? They have been on backorder on the nogi site forever.
White short sleave O-skin. I am 6"2', 185 lbs, so probably a large, unless you would XL.
Is there a size chart anywhere on your site or on the nogi one? I can't find one.
Thanks SSF. I will put in an order in the next few days when I get a chance.
white rashguards are pimp as hell. but, they do stain easily. i have a sleevless underarmour top that i used for a rashguard... yeah, they stain
I just ordered a couple of the Nogi O-skins from SSF. We'll see how long I can keep them clean.
that oxiclean stuff will take any stains out of white rashguards also.
How's the quality of the Nogi rashguards? I read in previous posts that Chris wasn't too estatic about them and reports of them rippin. Am I wrong?
The new ones are pretty nice. I would put them up against Gameness, HCK, Atama or any of the other name brand rashguards with silkscreened graphics. I think nogi's design is nicer then most of the others.

I like the low key design. It is there, but not overwhelming. I will post a review in a few months once mine has gotten some wear and tear on it.