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White: Bisping gets title shot if he beats Belfort


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Feb 6, 2012
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UFC president Dana White says Michael Bisping (23-4) will get his shot at UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva if he gets past Vitor Belfort (21-10) next month. UFC 155 saw two other contenders fall by the wayside, namely Tim Boetsch and Alan Belcher. Bisping has gone 9-3 in the UFC's MW division, with losses to Dan Henderson, Wanderlei Silva and Chael Sonnen. White told ESPN "The Count" would finally get his chance with a win at UFC on FX 7 in Brazil.

"In that division, there were so many guys coming up. A couple of those guys lost tonight. If Bisping can beat Belfort - that's a tough fight for Mike - he deserves the shot at Anderson."

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i want to see bisping vs silva so bad lol.
i guess were not gonna see that fight

vitor by vicious blitz and hopefully a punch to the back of the head for extra strength sleep med
Damn, he really needs Bisping to win, and he needs to do it in a somewhat exciting fashion. Cause Boetsch was probably never really gonna get a shot, but that was some pretty bad matchmaking there with Belcher and MW is starving for a contender
bisping better not lose this chance. 2 potential MW contenders flushed in the same card

Reality: Boesch, Belcher, Bisping, Lombard are all good but not great fighters who get destroyed by Anderson

Id rather see Vitor get frontkicked again at this point...
Well if Bisping didn't get rocked in every fight and this fight wasn't in Brazil maybe I'd believe he has an ounce of a chance but alas, this is in Brazil and his chin gets found quite a bit.

When and there's no question he will, when Vitor finds that chin Bisping will be left drooling on the canvas as Vitor parades over his lifeless body.
I hope people agree that this falls under the category of "no duh"
Bisping is going to wrestle and pitter patter Belfort to a UD. Sad but true.

Bisping's haters should want to see that. Anderson is going to leave him stiff as a board.
too bad weidman got injured. if he whooped boetsch then he's still be an option if bisping losses,
Why doesn't Vitor get one if he wins? I know he technically doesn't have any recent wins at MW, but with the way people are getting title shots, I'd much rather see Belfort-Silva 2 then Bisping.
If Anderson let Stefan push him against the cage and literally invited him to beat him up, I wonder what his plan for Bisping is, I will imagine it will go something like Okami, hands down waiting for straight punches to come so he can angle and tag em.

Could you imagine if Andy just let Bisping punch him for 5 minuites, hands down and head rolling with the punches. I think Andy gets more out of a fight when he plays with fire and then manipulates it.
Vitor Belfort by TKO.
But bisping could keep the distance and pick him apart from the outside and get the UD.