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Jan 9, 2006
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Several people said they'd take a look at the vid if they had the chance, so here goes. Both of us in the video are competiting in the same division at Bud World Cup Saturday, and because we train together all the time, we pretty much know the way each other thinks, making these sessions interesting (to us anyway).


It is a large file guys and I apologize for the crappy megaupload but it's all I've got to work with at the moment. Not gonna hold it against ya'll if ya'll don't feel like downloading it.

Forgot to mention that I'm the guy with the dark brown hair and dark brown goatee.
I wish I have met white belts like you in my first tournament. :) Sorry, but it's like a "what not to do" instructional. Focus on the basics, guys: posture, weight distribution, control. Forget De La Riva, spider or rubber guards! Oh, and train... hard!
Just a note while I download...You can use .avi or .wmv to reduce the file size quite a bit. Where do you train and how long have you been training?
Tudor- Yea the rubber guard thing was just a mess around with for the heck of it. Def. not planning on using it in the tournament. So I'm a "what not to do tutorial" huh haha dang.

bOb- I take from Fear Systems down near Fayetteville, NC. I've been taking about 7 months now. Only going to the tourney to get an idea of how I stand against other white belts, and also to find what the weakest part of my game is.
I realize these vids aren't going to garner a lot of views, but can some other people throw in their ideas/criticisms as well. I realize I def. need to work on posturing up in his guard, but other than that, is my technique really that bad haha?
TipFearSys said:
I realize these vids aren't going to garner a lot of views, but can some other people throw in their ideas/criticisms as well. I realize I def. need to work on posturing up in his guard, but other than that, is my technique really that bad haha?

It took an hour and a half to download for me. The server you have it on maxed out at 24 kbps. I didn't get a chance to watch it yet. Reduce the file size so people can download it.
Any suggestions on how to compress that file. It's in a .mov file type, and I haven't found anything yet that will compress it.
Windows Movie Maker will probably convert to WMV.
I've tried WMM. It won't read the .mov files. Says it isn't a recognizable file type for Movie Maker.
have you still got the original tape - if so the capture the footage again using windows movie maker and select a lower quality for the internet - it's idiot proof
just found this if u would rather convert [EDIT - nevermind it doesn't support .mov]
I'll have to see if I still have the original footage. Thanks for the suggestion.
I'm going to try and upload a clip to yousendit.com and just let this thread die. When I get it loaded up I'll post a thread with a faster link, hopefully. Thanks guys.
I watched the clip, I think you're doing ok for a guy 7 months in (i'm only 12 months in myself, but watch enough BJJ to have an opinion, obviosly not as good a one as some of the other guys here tho), Honestly I don't feel i'm much different to either of you guys except I never use de la river or spider guard (I'm actually ok at rubber guard due to spending so much time on my back with the much stronger guys from the wrestling class).

The guy with the Gotee was leaving far too much space when turning for the armbar I noticed obviosly the rubber and de la river guards arn't there there yet, your standup was pretty bad, but that's not really unheard of amoung BJJers - I would possibly try to practise one takedown in particular a LOT before the torney so you have a better chance of nailing one (you may loose points in a torney for pulling guard like that) also i'd look at tightening your half guard a bit as it looked like you lost that too easy .

I liked the pulling him down for the coller choke then switching to the sweep, that was nicely done - I did feel like there was a wasted armbar attempt just after he turned his back but it's different when you're actually in there.

One other thing I noticed was you fully extending your arm when trying to escape the knee ride, there are guys in my class that will armbar you in a heartbeat if you do that, I assume the torney you go in would be no different.

Like i say there are better people on here than me to judge i'm a long way from perfect on the mat, but tht was just a few things i noticed.
Thanks man. I wasn't gonna respond to this thread anymore and let it die as I put another one up, but since I've had a couple of people take time to post, I'll go ahead and comment.

First off, thanks for taking the time. As far as the rubber guard goes, I was just fooling around, as I def. don't plan on using it at this first competition. I'm not even sure what De La Riva guard is, so it probably was me trying a sweep and screwing the foot placement up. As far as the stand up, I actually know a couple of takedowns, but because me and the guy I was grappling with know pretty much the exact same ones, I was trying to get him to give me something, knowing full well I wouldn't be able to set one up like I wanted before he figured it out. I'll have to go back and look at the video to see the armbar that I missed. I'll make sure to keep my arm not extended when trying to escape the knee ride. I just learned a new knee ride escape that I'm going to try and drill quite a bit. Thanks for the review man.