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Whitaker vs mayweather


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Nov 29, 2004
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besides probably one of the most boring fights ever, how do you think this would go?
Two ultra defensive fighters, but who knows, could be interesting.

(Sorry didn't look back to see if this was brought up before)
It has been brought up countless times previously. But still Mayweather with a little bit better offense at 135 with a close decision.
Maybe a boring fight to those that dont appreciate the scientific side of the game. We already did this thread though. Caused a bunch of people to blow their lids..lol

Whitkar by close decision imo. Whitaker is smart enough to make Floyd come to him, has one of the best southy jabs of all time, and was sturdy enough to absorb Floyd's best punches, fast enough to make Floyd consider the consequences of throwing risky lead punches,
Floyd, decision, (un) suprisingly clear.
Pea beat DLH and got robbed.. while he was past prime and DLH was Prim..

PBF beat DLH while DLH was past prime.
Robbed? Do you understand boxing?
I couldn't give half a shit if 160% of the world agreed with you, including Ricky Gervais. You're wrong. Robberies aren't one or two point fights.
If one fighter has clearly won the fight and doesn't get the decision then its a robbery regardless if its a one or two point fight. I don't think the outcome was clear in ODLH/Pea but most people think JLC was robbed against PBF and that was a one or two point fight.
I couldn't give half a shit if 160% of the world agreed with you, including Ricky Gervais. You're wrong. Robberies aren't one or two point fights.

True, but when you see DLH won by 5 points on one card and 6 on 2 others, you have to know that the fix was in. Whitaker outlanded DLH and even knocked him down in that fight. He controlled him and deserved the victory. He got robbed.
I think the De la Hoya/Whitaker fighter fight was extremely close. I could see it going to either.

I only gave it Oscar by one point, and that slight edge was based mostly on his workrate.
I think I would take Floyd in this fight...

and I'm not using De La Hoya as the reasoning
Hey Tam Tam I agree the fight was close but don't you agree that Pea shoulda won or did you score it for DLH? Cracky is right the judges score cards were way off don't you at least agree with that?

By the way I would take Whitaker via clear UD. I think Whitakers Jab and south paw stance would be the difference in this matchup. Floyd would be dealing with a better defensive fighter and one just as crafty if not more and just as quick.
It would be a pretty close fight. i'd give it to floyd though
haha, sorry if this gets people riled up. I'm sorta newish to the sport and a lot of the posters here seem really boxing smart. Just wanted to know what every one thought.

I was watching some of Pea's fights and he was crazy with his defence. Like I couldn't beleive that some people would throw like 6 shot combo's at the proper range and still hit air.

Know any other fighters like that with amazing defence I can look up?