Which state would be best to weather out a zombie apocalypse?

Canning Town, London. No fucking zombie will want to go there. Shit hole.
Somewhere in the cold north. They would freeze solid in the winter. You can go around in January and just break al their heads off without issue. So MN, ND, Montana, Alaska...ect.
Yes. Zombies will get priced out and aren't going to pay those taxes. They'll also meet some GOAT-level zombies pretty quickly. The weather is solid and there are lots of jobs but I don't think that's enough for the zombies to not move on to Arizona or something.

Excellent and well thought out logic. I can’t imagine they’d tolerate those fucking D-list celebrity types also. They’d kill themselves if they weren’t already dead!
I'm heading upstate to my hunting cabin, digging a deep trench all the way around with my backhoe, and turning the entirety of the trench into a spiked pit.
New York. What would be the difference?
- Can we send the zombies to India, to get the lizard treatment?
California. They already got a zombie horde there and from my experience those zombies (bums) tend to be quite territorial.
New Hampshire.

I'm already there and don't feel like going anywhere else. Probably just join the zombies, seems like they are the favorites. I prefer to bet on a winner. Zombie master race.
It depends on the type of zombie. Does the cold slow them down? Then, Alaska. Are they fast moving zombies? Then anywhere with a lot of buildings and walls you can use to hide.

Are they the slow zombies? Then pretty much anywhere as long as you aren’t stupid and know how to look over your shoulder once in a while to make sure one isn’t trying to eat you.

I could eat
Freezing cold weather as stated by others.

Cold weather can stop any type of zombie from disease zombies to super natural zombies. They will all freeze solid, then you could just walk around and bash them with a baseball bat.