Which of the sherdog ladies...


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Dec 18, 2001
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would u most like to meat (I mean meet)?? Who is the hottest....?

We have...

1 Arju
2 Allison
3 Princess
5 Kato
6 (Anyone else I'm unaware of)??

P.S. Miss Gigi doesnt count as she is a model..... SORRY GIGI...
Your question seems confused Donegal.

Are you asking us to nominate who is the hottest?
Or who would we most like to meet?

What specifically is your question?

- The Jake
Well which one is the hottest...

U can give ur reasons.
no, he just gives me the creeps and brings back disturbing childhood memories.
Originally posted by Allison
no, he just gives me the creeps and brings back disturbing childhood memories.

Did you have a forceful uncle?

I was actually thinking of this time my mother burned a man alive.
I think its the way he eats his "greens"
Your mom burned a man alive? That's something you shouldn't be telling us. You should report that to your local police precinct. And when they ask 'What makes you wanna tell us after so many years'. You tell them 'VOD's avatar made me confess I couldn't take the taunts' You just go and tell them that and I'm sure they'll take care of you.
LSG has only to shoot the "Meat Signal" high up in the sky and I'm hitchin up the donkeys. She is the brickshithouse femme fatale that without fail brings the Meat to attention.
Originally posted by lil'surfer girl

Hahaha...well, our little midnight romps are what keeps me coming back to this place. ;)

oooo please tell
No. The romps must be kept in secret. There's a Mrs. Meat to think about.
Well that's big a me. Mrs. Meat knew I was a schwinger when she took the cigar band. (I used to be a backup singer for Rick James).
In that case. Tell us about the kinky debauchery that ensues when you and LSG find a murky little cabin by the lake.