Which MMA fighters go on Sherdog?

Todd Duffee

Note that he's not logged in and just a lurker. That's because we don't let fighters with losses on their records get a membership

Is he choking a turtle with his left hand?
<{outtahere}> <{outtahere}>
Well Squidley Dewlock is on here.

That much I know!
I would bet my left nut these guys visit:

- Jon Jones
- Jamahal Hill
- Michael Chandler
- Chael

there's probably a dozen I'm missing
We'd know if Jon was on here. He wouldn't be able to resist some of these Aspinall threads.
I do wish we got some inspirational posts from Michael Chandler
Ohh @Josh Barnett posts here from time to time.

Mostly in the grappling boards and around the subject of Catch Wrestling iirc.
I thought we scared him off when we just roasted him 24/7?

I mean The Dawg bullied Modafferi of all people off here and she’s like the sweetest person ever.

I can only imagine what we did to Paddy.
Nah, he just posted a thread like last week. But, they all go away, eventually... Like Rowdy Bec.