Which Injury Messed Up Your Fav. Matchup of '12?


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May 25, 2011
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Mine would have been Bahadurzada/Alves.


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Overeem vs jds. Uh wait...

But also weidman/boetsch just cause i wanted to see weidman clown tim like okami and lombard failed to do. And he would be one more win closer to andersons belt.
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JDS/Reem for sure... not an injury though... Hopefully we get this in 2013.
I was looking forward to Nelson/Carwin.

Aldo vs Edgar too but we're getting that anyway

Belfort vs Belcher.. by hendo getting injured

EDIT: Not an injury but Mir vs Velasquez.. that's the one I wanted to see the most
If failed drug tests count then:
JDS v. Reem

There have been so many injuries that I forget what the original fights were supposed to be.
Uber vs JDS. So many injuries this year. The UFC needs to investigate why this is happening. Any other company would but these guys are contractors.
I really wanted to see Shogun fight Thiago Silva.

And most recently Cody McKenzie in the Leonard Garcia fight for some curious reason.:icon_lol:

edit: Oh, and Hunto vs Skyscrapper. Glad that fight is still going to happen!
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frankie and jose.

diaz and gsp is also up there.

Without it we'd have Jones(or Hendo) fighting legit contenders, instead of middleweights and a fucking TUF holdup.

Aldo vs. Frankie, but since we're getting it soon I'm fine
JSD- Uber for sure (let's call it a self-inflicted wound)

Aldo has missed a few fights I eagerly awaited, including Grispi and Koch, of course not 2012 but I just like watching him fight.

Weidman simply because he is running his mouth lately and I want to see if he can back it up as he moves up the foodchain.
Without a doubt Jon Jones vs. Dan Henderson. This not only messed up a fight I wanted to see but got a numbered UFC event cancelled. I never thought I'd see it.
When Overeem tripped and accidentally fell on a needle full of HGH.