Which Hall of Famer fought the most Hall of Famers


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Aug 17, 2006
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I'm talking about the International Boxing Hall of Famers.

Which other hall of famers did they fight and did they win or lose?

I know Muhammad Ali fought Archie Moore, Floyd Patterson, Sonny Liston, Joe Frazier, George Foreman, Ken Norton and Larry Holmes. He beat all of them except for Holmes. That's 6-1 against Hall of Famers.

Is there anymore that I missed?
Is there anyone who did better?
ray robsinson
archie moore
willie pep
harry greb
roberto duran

all good candidates
Ali beat liston twice, patterson twice, and went 2-1 against frazier and ken norton.

so that makes him actually 10-3 against HoFers.
Sam Langford has the most recorded fights against HOF'ers with somewhere in the range of 55 to 60 of them, whereas Jimmy McLarnin might have the best ratio of fighting HOF'ers with something like 25 fights against them in a career of around 70 pro fights.
Just going over his record, McLarnin has wins against 12 different HOF'ers, which would be tough to beat if that's what you're looking for (for a comparision Robinson beat 10 different ones as stated earlier) ;

Barney Ross, Tony Canzoneri, Billy Petrolle, Benny Leonard, Lou Ambers, Fidel LaBarba, Pancho Villa, Sammy Mandell, Young Corbett III, Bud Taylor, Jackie Fields, and Kip Kaplan.

I count him as 15-8-1 against the 13 HOF'ers he faced throughout his career, with the only one he faced that he couldn't defeat being Lou Brouillard.
Not a word of Emile Griffith, for shame.
Not a word of Emile Griffith, for shame.

Griffith obviously did a lot of great work against top quality guys through his career, but in regards to the question asked on how fighters did against other HOF'ers, why should someone have mentioned Griffith?

A quick brouse shows 6 wins against only 3 different HOF'ers (Benvenuti, Tiger, Rodriguez) with a .500 record against them in a totol of 12 fights.

Unless I'm missing somebody off his record, that's not exactly in the upper echelon for any of those categories, King, although it's likely a much different story with Griffith if the thread starter asked for guys who had great overall records (quantity & quality wise) against champions & ranked contenders alike.
Hmm, I could have sworn Napoles was in the HOF as well, but you're right. I was thinking more quality of opposition.
What about Oscar De La Hoya?

Chavez, Trinidad, Mosley, Hopkins, Mayweather are perhaps the only for sure ones while Gatti and Vargas are possible add on's.
Hmm, I could have sworn Napoles was in the HOF as well, but you're right. I was thinking more quality of opposition.

Napoles is in, King, as obviously is Monzon. I should have mentioned them by name, I guess, but I just bracketed only the three that Griffith had wins over.
so which guy not in the hall has fought the most HOFs?