which fighter's standup most resembles yours


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May 29, 2005
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I ask this question to get a better feel for the style, strategy and overall tech people on this board use in regards to standup; i will go 1st.

Emmanuel Augustus: Pro boxer

I don't know if i would necessarily compare myself to him, due to the fact he has alot of natural attributes and abilities that i don't; i.e. hand/footspeed...power...reflexes...xhin.. phys durability. But this is what i have been told and y.

Positives: I can jab eff w/either hands, i have an awkward approach in regards to the rhythm, distance, movement i maintain sparring or fighting. I have also been told i am a bit unorthodox in my approach and that i do alot of extracurricular things to offset a more fundamental/tech boxer off; in that they get caught watching or trying to time or gauge me and i can potshot them (lead rights/lefts/etc) and they are not able to set their feet for power shots or get me in a exchange. I use alot of upperbody/head movement and that i am very mobile and i use alot of feints to keep people off of me and reduce them to throwing one or two..possibly three shots at a time. I actually incorporate showboating and paractice it, where someone may feel that i am just being showy..i am actually attempting to create an opening. I have a good knowledge of tech/fundamental boxing.

Negatives: I showboat, wether it is a plan or overconfidence i can and will be caught; due to my constant movement i often only throw one or two..three shots at a time, i tend to admire my own work def/off an can get countered. i fight in spots...not consistently working.. i can be too def focusing on blocking and slipping shots..and can be overwhelmed or just be methodically outworked. My awkwardness costs me because i can be out of position and can be hit or dropped due to positioning (body/feet) An my aswkwardness can limit my actual functionality of corect tech which can make my ish a bit sloppy or short.

most of this was told to me by guys who box or are BIG fans of boxers; most typical mma/boxing fans do not know who he is.
ok guys feel free to share what boxer..mma k1 guy style is similar to yours...
Under KB and MT rules I am a Buakaw copy, a bigger and havier copy though.
In MMA I'd most resemble a boxing grappler, maybe Takanori Gomi (to flatter myself to a ridiculous degree) or an Ivan Menjivar (after all, he is a paysan of mine)!
I thinks my style is kinda like Tim Sylvia's. I dont know maybe just because I'm usually taller than the dudes I spar with.
Heavyweight version of Francisco "Panchito" Bojado.

I've picked up lots of his technique/style from watching his fights over and over and over in slow-mo video and integrating them into my training.
I would say Jerome LeBanner, I rarely throw punch and kick combinations like him, I will usually move forward with a punching combination like him then switch over and throw a few kicks, your strikes have more power that way if u throw them seperate than together, I am not nearly as aggressive as he is though.
im kinda trying to be like rizzo but i cant hit hard enough :(
i am trying to create a cross between fedor mike tyson and cro cop
my fighting style is similar to merlin's. i like using magic spells.
A smaller, whiter, chinesier, version of James Toney!!
I see a lot of similarites between myself and a lot of pros....I watch so many fights...I pick up things here and there......I consider myself to be extremely unorthadox, clumsy, akward and strange....but I get the job dunn.
Randy Couture...I strike fairly well and my grappling is real good, but my GnP is awesome.
I would say Masato. I like to throw some feints, stay on my toes, rely on my speed since I'm usually sparring bigger people. I also like to throw some low kicks and punch combinations.
sergei kharitonov, i like to counter, throw hooks to the body etc.. i dont strike with my legs much except for the occasional leg kick, knee. my fav. is the Gnp, high mount, sergei style.
Arlovski, I guess, although I'm barely developed.