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Which fighters fought 4 or more times in a Calendar year?


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Oct 26, 2011
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I'm very curious of how many fighters actually have done this.
I'm of course talking about in the UFC only, no other organizations.

Off the top of my head, Jones in 2011 and Matt Brown in 2012.

Cerrone did 5 in 2011.
Diego Sanchez in 2004 just in his fights prior to the TUF 1 finale...
Kos and Struve.
Lyoto Machida tore the house down in 2007. 4 fights, 4 wins.
Bonnar went a respectable 2 - 2 in 2006.
The Dean of Mean also fought 4 times in 2006, going 3 - 1.
Here is one you might not think of: Chris Leben went 3 - 2 in 2006.

Looks like 2006 was a busy year for the UFC fighters.

Needless to say, it isn't that rare, well it wasn't when fighters didn't have insurance anyways.
Clay Guida fought:

9 times in 2004

11 times in 2005

6 times in 2006

4 times in 2007

other years where 3 or less.
rampage fought 6 times in 2003 and went 5 and 1
Don't forget I'm talking about fights only in the UFC.
Kos doing 2 4 fight years and Huerta going 5-0 is amazing.
Cerrone was the first person i thought of, checked and he fought 5 times in 2011.
mirko cro cop fought 8 times in 2004,

ken shamrock fought 12 times in 1994.

the new breeds couldn't handle that schedule
Lytle was pretty active, fought 4 times at least once. Lauzon's had periods of activeness. Cowboy, Kos and Struve too.

Sense a pattern? Aside from Struve, every one of those has said they wanted to make as much cash as possible as fast as possible. Even saying they want to be injury replacements (or stepping up and doing it).

It's doable to get 5 fights max a year today, but it's not because of normal booking. Outside things need to happen and a fighter has to fish for fights, stay in good shape off camp.
Tibau had 4 fights in 2009. He also had 4 fights in 2007, but one (in the middle) was for another organization. Not sure how that came about.