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which fighter under utilizes some of his best weapons?


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Dec 19, 2012
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I was thinking about a few fighters that either greatly reduced the use of their best weapons or completely stopped using them as of late........

Thiago Alves - From what i remember, his kicks were monsterous but it's like he became gun shy and stopped using them as much. I understand his TDD may be the reason for his hesitation but it's a shame to not see him lace people the way he did.....

GSP - In his earlier fights i liked the way he would use his elbows with aggression and that killer instinct...like he was trying to actually hurt the guy whenever he had top control. I understand that he may be a bit timid in the stand up these days, but why so much when he has top control? I remember him lacing Sherk....and i remember him making an attempt in the last few seconds of his fights...but still nothing like he did with Sherk or anyone from his older fights....

Who else?
Jorge Gurgel - BJJ
Up till recently Maia wasn't going for any groundwork at all and instead decided to box his opponents up.. didn't really work out too well for him.

Bj often decided to keep things on the feet at LW, despite the fact his bjj is some of the best in the entire sport.
GSP when he was in TKO had deadly knee on the ground .
He did had "better" elbows before.

Roy Nelson : Where's the ground game that made him famous ?
Thiago Silva with his top control and GnP.

He loves brawling too much.
For a while it was Sherk's wrestling.

Koscheck's wrestling for a while as well.

And this's changed recently, but Maia's BJJ.
Gonzaga-bjj, especially because unlike most bjj transfers, he actually has good takedowns.

Seems to be getting back to it now, but for a while there he just wanted to brawl and he had the power to do it.
Rampage and his lack of wrestling/slams/brute strength.