Which dummy to buy or just stay away from both??


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Oct 21, 2002
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Hey guys i used the search function but i don't think this topic as been asked before. I moved to small town and i can't train hardly at all anymore. I thought i would buy a dummy and try to learn new things.. There are "rooker" and a "bubba" dummies available. I'm awaiting a response to the guy builds the rooker and i have visited the bubba website.. My questions are: Have any of you guy used either of these products. 2. What is your reponse on each? 3. Are they worth the price. I mean i have a full gym.. 10x10 mat.. 800lbs of weights, squat rack, dip and pull station, 2 heavy bags..I'm just wondering if this would be a good asset to my gym
Bubba dummies are good, they are so realistic it is creepy, I am not familiar with the other dummies but you can get the bubba dummis to practice on.
I'm thinking about getting a bubbadummy as well. There is a lot of conditioning in my Sambo class and so we often don't get as much drilling of techniques as I'd like.

You have a website link for this rooker dummy?