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    To preface, I have read the FAQs and, despite my low post count, lurk the boards a lot, particularly this forum and the grappling forum. I have searched this topic, but have not found the exact answer I'm looking for.

    A little background, I'm a 22 yo male who was fairl months ago. I'm 6'1" and on my 21st birthday I weighed about 245lbs. Nearly 2 years later I walk around about 185 (just made weight tonight at 175 for a grappling comp tomorrow). I workout regularly and intensely, with my sched. being M-2 hrs BJJ, T-Lifting and Cardio, W-2 hrs BJJ, 1 hr wrestling, TH-Lifting and Cardio, F-2 hrs BJJ and S-1 hr intense cardio, usually some light standup sparring (I don't have time to train boxing anymore due to class/work schedule). Sundays are my rest days.

    Background stated, I can't figure out which approach to take to get my body where I want it. I'm not particularly concerned with adding or dropping weight, I'm not an elite grappler and can compete at about the same level at 170/175 or 185/190 (the weight classes in local tournaments). My problem is that despite high cardio and moderate strength training, I remain soft in the middle and admittedly have a slight case of moobs (left over from the overweight era). I feel like I eat fairly healthy--lean proteins, fruits or veggies at every meal, low carb, the only thing I drink with calories is milk or occasional juice, rarely drink alcohol.

    My question is, to eliminate my slight belly and moobs, what should/could I do to my diet. I really can't modify my workouts too much because of my schedule. I feel like my options are to restrict my calories (generally eat just shy of 2000/day) and try to push through the loss plateau, or increase my protein and overall calorie count and do a healthy bulk. Admittedly part of this is vanity. I don't care about being ripped, I prefer functional strength, but I do want to get rid of this damn soft belly.

    Thanks for reading this far, and any response is appreciated.
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    cycle your caloric intake, eating high carbs every third week, and staying low on them the other two. this will trick your metabolism into staying at a high rate. Also, add this cardio routine to your normal schedule. it only takes like twenty to thirty minutes, and worked wonders for me. run in short cycles. 2 minutes light jog, 1 minute fast sprint, repeat up to thirty minutes. Once again, this not only boosts the amount of calories you burn but will cause your body to burn fat even after the workout is over. Enjoy.

    EDIT: When you eat high carbs, make sure they are still the good kind, fruits, veggies, and whole grains.
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    The frustrating thing about "moobs" and the lower tummy is that they have less Beta cell receptors (meaning its harder for the fat cells to get the message that it's ok to release the fatty acids via a number of hormones and chemicals). Generally, it just takes a long time of consistent dieting and exercise.
    One particularly interesting article addressing fat loss, and in detail is this blog post on ChAoS & PAIN (Written by a nutter of a power lifter). Scroll down to the final question regarding supplements recommended for shedding bodyfat.

    ChAoS & PAIN: Search results for ask the asshole stimerex

    Hope this helps and best of luck.

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