Whether or not Conor fights again, he will always have a special place in my heart.

this is still a niche sport
Unfortunately, as long as Dana is in charge, this will never be a real sport.
He can talk all he wants about wanting the UFC to be recognized along the likes of the NFL and NBA, but then he goes and gives title shots to the fighters will the most followers, rather than based on merit. So no, it'll be pro wrestling and theater until the Bald Goof is gone.
Conor is the only fighter that makes me tingle inside

Sherdog never disappoints.

This is easiest the gheyest shit I've read today.
Conor definitely did something for the sport, he de-legitimized the entire MMA name in general where now you have to act like a loud mouth goof to get spotlight and unearned title shots.
Conor's career was made by one good punch on a triggered and careless Aldo.

He was literally screaming to the ref to get short notice and out of shape "Mini-Mendez" off him. That is his level.
Couldn’t agree more, Conor is responsible for the most enjoyable night of my UFC watching career when he got demolished by Khabib.