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Where to train


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Apr 8, 2008
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Hi i wasnt sure on where to post this...but here it goes

currently i train bjj with leo vieira. But i want to start training mma, so i was wondering if i should join erik paulson's gym to help out with my stand up and overall mma game? or if i should just stick with learning bjj for now. Also i wanted to know if OC muay thai would be a better pick then erik paulson's?
if you want to learn mma, go to a place that has mma.
I trained with Erik for awhile. His new gym is really nice and it's great that he teaches a lot of the classes himself.

Personally I have heard good things about OC muay thai, but like the poster above stated if you want to learn MMA to to a place that teaches it.
thank you very much for your responces, it looks like ill start training with erik along with my current bjj.