Where to get the new 2008 KNOXX Lifestyle summer line?


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Jul 5, 2007
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I found this on a streetwear blog on upcoming designs. Most of them are not on their website yet so I was wondering if any clothing stores or online stores have them available? I think they said most will NOT be available on the Knoxx online store and only available at selected stores and online stores. I'm such a big fan of this brand and its so my style but so freakin hard to find! :mad:

damn...those are all really nice designs, hope someone knows something on where to find this stuff
very nice--love the japanese/// streetwear style

better than crappy afflication skullls
those shirts are very colofrul. pretty cool i like the knoxx the hustle one and some others. matches shoes and all that
I've been buying knoxx since they first started. They have come a long way, and love what they have done with their designs. They are definitely a trend setter when it comes to cross over clothing. Big Ups to their artists, they are definitely creative and know what they general public like. I have their beginning shirts, lifetstyle, solid and can't wait for the new designs to come out. NOW IF ANYONE FROM KNOXX IS READING THIS, YOU SHOULD GIVE ME A MUCH MORE GENEROUS COUPON THAN 15%....HAHAHAHA
i like how they are going for the street look-- something others aren't doing-

You could wear knoxx -with making such a huge statement tht you like MMA
what online retailers sell knoxx gear? or can you only get the stuff direct from them? thanks!