Where to get Gi hemmed?


Aug 30, 2005
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I bought a size too big in the pants, and I need to get the waist and legs taken in a bit. Would the local drycleaners be able to do this and will it be durable?
Takke it to any sewing altercation place, they'll do it for you. They should know what to do. I know this because my wife likes to sew.
Tell them to heem it exacly as the original was done. Did you wash it in hot and dry it yet? They should shrink a lot.

Yeah, I would suggest washing it and drying it a few times, first.. Plus, what is it made of? If it's made of cotton then it may shrink quite a bit in the wash. If it's made of polyester, you'll probable have to get it hemmed up a bit. Plus, you could have any patches you made need sewn on done at the same time.
I suggest taking it to a tailor that works with leather or even a leathermaker. Needles of regular tailors have issues sewing thick canvas like materials and will break their needles. Leathermakers use thick ass needles to sew leather jackets and stuff. I have all my thick ass gi's altered by a leather maker.
take your Gi to an uphostery shop, either auto or regular. They have kick ass machines and the alteration will last far longer than the Gi. Prices are good too!