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Discussion in 'Standup Technique' started by Aaron Perls, Oct 17, 2010.

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    What/where/how do most people compete in low-level MMA/striking competitions?

    It seems like there's a venue for BJJ whitebelts with two weeks experience to compete all the time.

    What's the equivalent for stand-up and/or MMA for folks that aren't that great/new?

    In Thailand it seems like you find a fight anywhere, and people are fighting all the time. In the US it seems similar for competitive Jujitzu, even at low levels.

    It'd be nice to be able to fight once or twice a month in a full-contract, but "it's not a big deal" setting, where you fight at your walk-around weight, and don't spend months training for your specific opponent.

    I've been pointed to cage-fights on the indian casinos. I'm hoping there are other options.
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    Local shows. For example in my area we have Sport Fight. We had 4 guys from our gym (myself included) who had their first fights this weekend. The promoter was able to find us guys at our level. For example, one of our MMA matchups paired our fighter with a 0-0 record against a 0-5 fighter (who we had seen fight before).

    Local promotions should be able to match you up with guys who are at your level. However, I would make sure that your coach talks and sets up the fights with the promoter. Your coach knows what level you are at and who you can handle. For example, I was paired up with a fighter who had a 4-1 boxing record for my first kickboxing match. Why? My coach knew my hands were at a level where I could handle his boxing. He was correct, however my cardio/nerves retention was not at his level.

    In the end: ASK YOUR COACH.
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    In NJ we have amateur muay thai fights "warriors cup" in New Brunswick. ppl from all over nj and ny compete in it. including phil nurse's students

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