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Where the Real "Anti" site at?


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Dec 18, 2001
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I can't find it. Anybody got a link?

Why do I want to visit a board featuring 3 or 4 disgruntled degenerates, you ask?

The same reason I check out the freak shows at the fair. :D

Coleman the Ape, Kagemusha, RTR, Steve Pell: I hope I never meet any of you, but it's fun to read your insane rantings. Let me know the current address of your site.

JIM this is my board. You are just a tolerated guest.
all of know who the true owner is. and orb rtr hasn't been in here since his anti-sherdog site has been shut down once again.
Yes. They all know encluding you that this has been and always will be my board.

Thanks for clearing that up buddy.
hey conrad up yours and friends. i OWN THIS BOARD> conrad OWNS customerself service board.
:D you guys crack me up.

Art, do you have any fights coming up?
He'll be fighting me soon if he keeps posting shit in MY forum!!
right now i'm trainning hard. hopefully soon
The address is www.antisherdog.com . It's about the lamest forum of all time though. But if you wanna see 6 guys make childish jokes about various people in this forum, then give it a shot.
Originally posted by Orb
I can't find it. Anybody got a link?

That's a stupid question!!! You ARE posting on the "Anti-board"!!!


no thanks i like it in here. 10-11 guys making fun of each other.
I just checked out the "real" anti-sherdog site...god its lame...a bunch of whiney babies who have no life...
Except on THIS forum......anti=winners
damn this board... i swear i dont go on for a day and i cant keep up with all the threads