Where O Where is Nikita Krylov?

I never knew he was from Minnesota until I saw the Dark Side documentary. I’m a total rube.
Him and Krusher Krushev were both from Minnesota. Krusher Kruschev aka Smash aka Repo Man aka Blacktop Bully aka Stewart Pain (classless wcw shit right there)
I think he is one of those Ukrainians that sees himself more of a Russian than a Ukrainian. He said so in an interview.

Here is one of the interviews
I don’t think there is that much of a correlation - I think there is few Crimean Tatars/Caucasus mma fighters who live and fights in Russia (while moving from Ukraine after 2014). There is people who identify as Russians and thinks that Russia should be defeated and vice versa.

About Krylov his manager said yesterday that he is still not cleared by doctors to train.
Can see him returning to fight Rakic.

That would work for both guys.
Ask @jeff7b9 about how bad a shoulder surgery can go. Lol
Yeah they are telling me I should expect to be working with my physical therapist until Novermber/December to try to get back to the range of motion they 'hope' to help me get back.

Surgery: Aug 29 2023 & Jan 2, 2024
Injury: shortly following Thanskgiving 2022
Expected "full recovery" date
December 2024

Granted my shoulder is a fucking 4 alarm fire train wreck. But I am sure athletes can hurt themselves pretty good from time to time too. My Injury started with college rugby.
Found 'em.