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Where Do You See Todd Duffee Going From Here?


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Aug 13, 2007
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So Todd Duffee is back.


How do you guys think he will do in the UFC HW division? I would like to see him fight Struve.
He needs too avenge that Russow loss before he moves on.
He has to fight Russow again. The first fight was a complete fluke and Duffee needs that win back.
more punching bag, needs to work on hitting his target.... then Maldanado at catch-weight.
Probably losing to someone who punches really hard.
Depends on how they want to use Duffee. Build him up as a prospect or feed him to someone else? I like Russow, I also like Meathead as possible options. Maybe Stipe Miocic?
He's gonna break into the top 5 within 18 months. He's only lost against Russow (a fight he was dominating for close to 15 minutes, by the way) and Overeem (a top 3 HW, a K-1 GP champion, who's, in the eyes of a lot of people, the biggest threat to the HW division and the future UFC HW champion), he's still young, he has improved since those losses and he's gonna continue to improve, and he's a natural beast. He could be a legitimate threat to the HW division if he works on his striking technique.