Where can you buy Cheap Fairtex stuff?

Jeremy Henderson

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May 20, 2005
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Where can you buy Cheap Fairtex stuff? I am looking for a legit and reasonably priced place to buy the Fairtex Shooto gloves.
Forget about it. Fairtex isn't cheap unless you go on ebay and buy used gloves.
This should be in the gear and equipment forum.
im waiting for my 2nd paif of fairtex 8oz as we speak

great gear, but pricey...and it takes forever to get here...frustrating

costing me 100$ to buy them and have them shipped

but well worth the wait and price...best gloves on the market IMO
mmawarehouse or something like that had the gloves at decent prices when your figured in shipping. Do not order the gloves from thailand unless you want to wait months on end. It takes damn near a month to arrive but even worse is they will be out of stock and forget to mention in to you until you inquire as to why your order hasn't arrived yet.

Ebay sucks too as I see the gloves going for more than they cost new.
If it's cheap and it says Fairtex, it might not really be Fairtex, unless you're buying it used on eBay. I haven't really heard of any Fairtex knock-offs but I'm sure that there are some out there.
Thailand in the stadium. Cheapest MT gear you can find anywhere.
JohnMc said:
Thanks banderkejs. How long did it take for you to receive your items? I live in Ireland and was interested in ordering from them.

4-5 weeks.