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Where can I get the cheapest boxing trunks?


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Mar 14, 2012
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I live in Australia so title/ringside really isn't an option (I don't want to pay for shipping which is 2/3 the price of the actual trunks lol). My budget is $40-$70 for 2 pairs including shipping.

Any recommendations will be fabulous.

P.S. I am looking for satin and something which is approximately knee length- not the short shorts which muay thai practitioners wear (though there is nothing wrong with that either).
I thought this was a really stupid question because finding cheap shorts should be easy and not require buying abroad. Then I went on the few Australian retailer sites I know, and did a google search as well as on ebay for you and my God, boxing shorts are expensive there.

the cheapest I could find in AUS was $40



maybe if you asked them for a discount for buying 2 one of those retailers would oblige

hope that helps


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Cheers for the research but do you know where I can get Twins/Top Kings/Nikes for cheap?

I've seen most of the stuff you've linked me in real life and they are made from PU or are puffy as hell.
If it's Twins or Top King, you're looking at Muay Thai length as those are thai companies. Twins does have a K-1 line that is slightly longer, but not as long as most boxing shorts.

If you want name brands, cheap is not always an option.