When you dont have ring or cage to stop you from backing up endlessly

Discussion in 'Street Coliseum' started by MadSquabbles500, Feb 9, 2019.

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    Dude's head at the end seriously bounced off the pavement.

    When I saw Amigo walking around with his cigarette, then take off his shirt, I thought, "Alright, finally, the REAL fight."

    Lol. Nope.
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    I get the point that people are making when they say that I'm simply saying it doesn't mean much in terms of fighting ability. I went to high school in a predominantly white, pretty wealthy city( I was poor but most people weren't) ,and people fought all the fucking time. I've seen my friends stabbed at parties, baseball bat fights with people getting fucked up and limbs broken...etc. Some guys from the hood can bang, others throw punches like grandmothers. I almost think it makes you a worse fighter being in those neighborhoods because most people use weapons, so people aren't as willing to engage in hand to hand combat when they think the cat across the road has a gun.
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    I just want to add to the on going discussion of people who train, and get into street fights.

    I agree if you train some MA/CS, you are avoiding the social situations that potentially lead to street fights. Even in Major cities like NYC, or LA. In NYC, there is no HS wrestling. All the street kids are playing BBall. BBall attracts many people, therefore greater potential for conflict. There is boxing, but if you start training seriously, you are avoiding the streets.

    Out in the burbs like East Orange, or Newark, there is HS wrestling, but if you partake, then you are likely avoiding the kids on the BBall, and FB teams. BBall, and FB are more social, therefore more social conflicts.

    Probably the same for LA, SoFla etc etc.
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    Haha, couple of kids above me. Lots of fights, violence and definitely successful gyms in 1999, lol
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    joe rogan reacts


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