When Will The UFC INtroduce The 115-Pound Strawweight Division


Nov 1, 2012
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There is so much talent in this division in asia. When will the UFC bring it in. If women can fight in the ufc then so should 115 pounders. This will make events even more stacked. Who is excited about seeing this? Get tweeting Dana to speed it up.
There are full sized men at 115 pounds? Come on, tell me another one.
it won't be for a while. 135 and 125 still aren't very popular and they still need to build up 125. they will be popular in the next year or 2 (remember people used to hate lightweights) and then they will probably add it. my guess is that it will be added in late 2014 or 2015
Don't expect much support for a 115-pound division round here. People seem to hate the smaller guys.
They should just call it the oriental division. There aren't many full sized men that weight in the west
I don't think that it would work. And I know that as rude as it may sound, I wouldn't be interested in this at all.
115 might be the final straw (no pun intended). But I love these threads.
115 lbs?? Are you fucking serious?

This is getting ridiculous. I'm starting to think that some of you guys would seriously like it if the UFC opened up a midget division.
They should have stopped at 135 & 145 imo. Not enough talent in 125 and women's 135.
Potentially interesting, if only because crying on Sherdog would be amusing.
I don't want to be feeling sympathetic and feeling sorry for fighters, I want to be envious of them and their ability.

No thank you.
Fuck that, let's get the 95 pounders out there.
nooooooooooo! pls just no!

at least not until after they define hw and make a super hulk division
I hate when people start threads and say "When" Will They _____. As if the UFC is already working hard on trying to make it happen. I haven't heard anything about it.