when doing Up Right Rows, I get...


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Nov 6, 2002
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a pain on the side of my right wrist, I never ran into this problem when I did them 1 year ago...my forms seems alright and maybe even better than 1 year ago.
my advice would be not to do upright rows. no, im not being an ass. a lot of people find them to be uncomfortable/painful and theres other exercises you can do.
don't do upright rows the're shit, high pulls or power cleans are much better. Upright rows are lame.
I have to agree with reakt. Upright rows aren't worth a whole lot IMO.
The only time I found the upright row useful was when I very first started lifting.

But yeah, cut that shit out of your routine mang.
damn i wish i found this shit out earlier, i've been doing these for months
They're a commonly advised exercise in :eek::eek::eek:gy workout magazines and such and I guess I'm not sure why. Then again, I don't know why there are mroe pictures of sweaty men than women in these magazines that are supposed to be for guys to read, so hell, fuck it.

I did notice some trap growth from them, but nothing like the size and thickness deads, rows and shrugs have brought.
No matter what you say. I like Upright Rows.
A lot of people don't seem to mention it here. But you have to match your lifts to your body type [your skeletal frame]. Some people have a really hard time with deadlift or squat. And can damage themselves doing them. But with a minor variation to the movement can do quite well [sumo deadlift, squat variations]. You need to find the lifts that suit your body and won't cause you to injure your joints and ligaments.

Upright rows injure a lot of people. Also barbell curls. There are many variations for most lifts, just find one that suits you and you will be better off in the long run.

Also, minor changes in grip distance on a barbell can make a big impact on your joints/ligaments for some movements, like bench press, overhead press, chins, deadlift.
Play with different hand positions. I would do high pulls instead. Do more direct wrist work. Stretch out your wrists is 4 directions.
I was under the impression that upright rows originated from high pulls, but I could be wrong.
Pain is the only thing I ever got from upright rows.
FCFighter316 said:
-so i take it Bent over rows > upright rows?

dear god yes. carnal is gonna bust a nut when he reads this.
Upright Rows Landed Me In The Godamned Hospital For Three Weeks
I love watching those 100 lb. cunts doing their superstrict upright rows with 20 lbs. on the bar!!
peanut butter said:
wats so bad about them
They tend to put stress on the shoulder and wrist joints in many people so, even if you don't notice pain at first, they may cause great irritation over time. That combined with the fact that they just really aren't very effective ways to target the delts and traps (compared to other common and usually less irritating movements) makes them a rather wasteful and compromising movement.
hahaha I love this peanut butter kid. He sounds like he's gonna burst into cockney slang any second.