When do grappling tournaments ACTUALLY start?


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Dec 25, 2005
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Anyone have experience going to big grappling tournaments such as Grapplers Quest? (like the one I'm going to this Saturday)

I know things start superlate, but exactly how late from schedule? (30 minutes? an hour? 2? 3? 4?) I don't want to bust my ass getting there on time (usual habit) only to wait five hours
There is no exact time. Just know that whatever time you come will be too early, and that you will have to wait for 5 hours..thinking your division is "up next" the whole time.
geez sounds like Murphy's Law for Grappling Tournaments...

so say weigh ins start at 11...i could get away with showing up at 2?
no. get there on time because in some of the competitions i have been in, they start late because people like you show up late.
Oops i meant to ask that question err...hypothetically.. since trains on that day show up once an hour and I'm deciding between the one that's gonna get me there 20 minutes early or 40 minutes late...
Do 20 minutes early. Bring an mp3 player and a magazine or something. Better safe then sorry.
go a little early, but every tournament i've been in started hours late because either they extend the weigh-in times or lack of organization
The last GQ i did (last oct), my no-gi division actually started earlier than the posted time. The GI division started about 4 hours later than the posted time.

so it worked out no-gi at 11:30, gi at 7pm!
Sometimes they start nearly on time. That is, they may only start 15-20 mins late for the first divisions. If your division is not one of the first ones, there's no telling when it will start. It could be 5 hours, or it could be 30 mins.
Depends on the tournament, the divisions, etc... I've been to tournaments that my division started EXACTLY when they said it would and I've been to a tournament where my division started 7 hours late (yes, that's not an exaggeration, the Arnold's 2004 I believe, my division was scheduled to start at 2pm, it started at 9 and I didn't step on the mat until 9:30).
not to threadjack, but how many people do you think are gonna be in each division at GQ?

i would assume LW and WW would be the most popular
dude ur gona wait, they never start on time ever and the timeline is worthless. just pack a lunch.
It wouldnt be so bad if you could weigh in on arrival but ath SENI in London some people had to wait 6 hours without food...
Sat through an entire Aggro tournament waiting to compete, when the tournament looked like it was about to end I said to the tournament director what's the deal? (six hours late) they got our divition going last.