When did you start inc. supplements?

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Oct 14, 2004
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for someone who wants to get very serious about mma when did you start taking supplements, gear, HGH? Did you ever take them? what are your thoughts. I use to juice when i was younger (would say not to unless your 25 or over) and use to take hgh, for a while(about a year). I am against using the sauce again i would feel like i am cheating myself but is it that common in mma. Besides the obv hahaah baroni, shark...
I never used anything until i started wrestling in high school when i was around 15, i started buying protein powder and lived off of it during the season, bought creatine for the off season to bulk up and thats when i started taking multi-vitamins, just basic stuff i guess
In all honesty, I started way to early, before I put my diet completely in check.
^^^same here. My diet wasnt all that and I was taking all bunch of different supps. I even did a half cycle of Deca back when I was 17. A friend and I split it, lol! along with test shots. I was stupid back then. Now, my diet is on point and I have made way better gains through diet itself, hardwork and very few supps if at all.
In all honesty, I started way to early, before I put my diet completely in check.


But stand point on supplements is that I won't take anything that will effect my hormone levels
I pretty much went on a high meat / high carb diet for a few months, then started taking creatine and shortly after protein powder.

Now I'm basically whatever diet wise. I just eat calorie dense food. It's too hard to keep weight on without eating at least 2500-3000 calories a day. I take ~25g casein/whey a day on non-training days and ~50g additional whey on training days.