Wheat Grass?

Sean Buckley

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Aug 11, 2006
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Hi guys,

I'm sure this topic has been done before, sorry if it has but I had a few questions of my own in regards to wheatgrass.

#1 What are the nutritinal Bennefits? and are they proven bennefits?

#2 How much should I drink per day (Just starting out)

#3 Do I get the same nutrition bennefits if I mix it with fruit and veggies in blender (For Taste)

#4 where do I get it, and how do I make it?

Thanks in advance guys, and again sorry if this is a repeat.
Don't waste your money on getting it from a juice bar type place. They charge way to much money, and you could just buy some green leavy veggies and put that into a blender. Wheat Grass is one of the must alkaline things you could eat and and it's full minerals and choriphill which cleanses the blood. If you grow it your self and have a special wheat grass juicer then i would be great addition to any diet
You can simply use a search engine to look it up, it has tons of health benifits.

Where to get it? I don't know where you can get it raw, but you can buy it powdered at GNC or Trader Joe's, it's not by itself though, it comes mixed with other greens.

Actually I'm not sure if it's the GNC green but for sure in the one in Trader Joe's