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What's your favorite throw?


Feb 21, 2008
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I love osotogari. Everybody I play watches for it so I never really get a good chance to use it, but when it's there and it's hit it's a thing of beauty.

Tomoenage is a close second.

How about you?
I am not a judo guy, but I do like a head and arm throw, as well as a lateral drop, and stepping across with the over/under lock to the underhook side and kicking the leg out. Perhaps a judo guy would understand that one a little?
judo farmer bob im with u. fave throw osoto followed by soto makikomi and ippon seio in3rd
sasae, my success rate with it in randori is 0%, but i still drill it and practice hundreds of uchikomis on it all the time. In a few years when i get it down, the satisfaction of landing such a simple footsweep will be enormous...
Ive Got A Quote Unquote "very good" Drop Morote Seoinage

another favourite of mine is Sumi Gaeshi ( a strange modification of it anyways )
its kind of a yoko

and for footsweeps a running osoto
kata guruma

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if you can do it clean, it's like a death valley driver..

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i won a match with it once, and i got them up pretty good.
Uchi mata, hane goshi, harai goshi... Whatever i can get my leg into lol

I've had to change as of late, because that was all i was doing, and everyone at my gym was expecting it and defending it.

I also like kosoto gake. Though sometimes i slam too hard if the other guy pulls me down.
Tani Otoshi and Sasae Tsurikomi Ashi have been the most reliable for me thus far.

In terms of coolness, I think harai goshi, uchimata, and just about all the sutemi waza rank high.
There is nothing more satisfying than throwing some with de ashi barai.
i like all sweeps too

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