What's Your Favorite Guard?


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Jan 18, 2008
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What Guard do you prefer to use? Regular, rubber, butterfly, x, etc
my fav is de la riva or spider, my most successful is closed guard
Butterfly. It's the most fun!

Best for sweeping: X guard.

Best for overall kick-assness: Cross guard.

Honestly though they are all awesome, and I've never found a guard I didn't like. Every single one works. I guess I am not super high on closed guard as I find it tends to be a bit slow 'n dull, plus I hate being stacked.
I usually play sitting guard, but I want to get good at De la Riva and X guard.

My eyes were opened today after a really good white belt swept me via de la riva. I tried to base and work a pass, but I couldn't do anything to remove the hook and he ended up sweeping me.

Man I need to learn de la riva.
If I'm stranded in a boat, the coast guard. Seriously the rubber guard is fun to watch, lots of options.
i need one for the very very short legged. I mostly do half and closed, with de le riv (but I mostly just come up for the single)
Deep halfguard, hook guard and generic open and closed guard .

I want to get a good butterfly, X, De la Riva and maybe even rubber if I can get flexible enough.
by far my best gaurd is 1/2 gaurd

iam working on my butterfly and x-gaurd now mostly i think refining those gaurds would change my game completly