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What's Your 2013 Forecast for Phil Davis????


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Nov 30, 2012
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I thought he had a good year in 2012.......has def. looked Impressive in his last outing........

Who do you see him getting this year????

Will he fight for the Title???

War Mr Wonderful!
a couple boring fights. Will win a few then lose one. Similar to Ryan Bader. If he does win a few in a row I would NOT be surprised if he got a title shot so Jones has a new match up against a guy with some wrestling and submission skills.

edited.. said would be.. I mean would NOT be.
Forcast: Wrestling with submission attempts Slight chance of improving kicks but still lack of good striking.
A modest mid level winning streak against guys he should beat (the likes of Vinny M, Bader and co). Not sure if he's in "the mix" for a title shot come year's end but he'll be in a good spot.
He'll upset some young prospects. He'll win vs aging vets. But IMO he'll never be that close to a title shot talk
He beats most of the division, so I think he has a decent chance of a title shot,even if it is as a replacement. I don't see him doing anything to Jones though.

I like him. Great athlete.
Doubt he'll ever be a contender prospect again if he's ducking Vinny.
Continue looking great like a top 5-10 but his striking will never be good enough to threaten the very best guys who can stop his wrestling game
his lack of striking will prevent him from getting too far.

but when lhw starts loosing contenders they will probably give him an easy shot. interesting stylistic match for jones also.

there are some bad stylistic matchups for him at lhw like machida,bader,rashad. he loses to these guys.
Probably continuing top ten. He will beat anyone not named jones, lyoto, rashad or Gus.
so we are ruling out another chance for him to turn Gustaffason into a pretzel again??

They're brothers now. Don't think they'll face off again unless some beef arises between them or there's a belt on the line.
Wasnt he fighting Vinny at UFC 157? Seems like it wont be part of this card finally...
Keep him away from Rashad Evans if he's to make some progress
I could see a title shot coming his way after 2 more solid wins...unless someone beats Jones first, forcing a rematch blah blah blah.
Vinny M.

Anthony Johnson/Bader


Something like that. Performance-wise I think he'll show moderate improvement in striking. He's been working on closing distance better and dirty boxing. I think he'll be in title talks by the end of 2013.