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What's wrong with my muscle?


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Feb 28, 2005
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I've had trouble with my neck for 4 to 5 months now. There is a muscle that runs from the back of my neck to my spine that always seems to be sore and limits the range of motion in my neck. I missed most of December trying to heal it "once and for all" but on the first class back I could feel how it was still tight and painful.

While it doesn't look torn like MacDonald's (from TUF 2 with the bicep tear) you can see that the left (painful) side is larger than the right. Almost like it's stronger and more developed but I'm right handed.

Why would a muscle be sore for months and swollen/larger than its parallel on the right side?
Because you use the muscle with everyday activities, a lot more than you think, which slows down the healing.
The swelling and larger appearance indicate damage.
Im not sure if i know what youre talking bout but all i can say is that back when i was pretty hardcore on the weights, if i wasnt properly warmed up and went real heavy on shoulder presses, I would feel like a tiny pinch or pull on one side of my backbone and it felt like it was between the bone and the muscle if your looking at me from the back. And it ran from my neck to my upper back. Once id feel the pinch i knew i was screwd for about a week. Id have a hard time twisting my neck in certain ways but it always went away. It has happened to me several times. If it wouldve lasted any longer i definitely would go see the doctor instead of wondering and stressing over it.
just be really, really careful of neck injuries.
They suck. I ignored mine for months, and now my neck's fucked for life.
Learn from my stupidity
the problem has been going on for 5 months now? i think its time to ask a doctor buddy(they seem to know more than the average sherdogger). oh, and feel better

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