whats the real reason for the dana hate in Big Country?

If Dana didn't like Roy than he wouldn't have had him coach TUF. It is just marketing, it plays well to the Roy fans. The fat underdog hated by the man overcomes, it's every sports movie ever.
If Dana didn't like Roy than he wouldn't have had him coach TUF. It is just marketing, it plays well to the Roy fans. The fat underdog hated by the man overcomes, it's every sports movie ever.

Outside of fight promos, I truly don't think they add as that much WWE drama as some of you guys seem to think. Dana's always had something against Roy and I doubt they'd play it out this long for a guy that's not even that huge of a draw. Roy can be kind of silly in an obnoxious way that annoys people, especially Dana. It's not really outlandish for Dana to not be too keen on Big Country.
If he hates Roy, why were they lying about him trying to prop him up? Kept saying he was the only fighter to go the distance with Dos Santos when Carwin went the distance with Dos Santos too.
I don't think it's a real hatred or anything, just an annoyance kind of thing that stems from TUF 10.

Remember Roy ruined the Kimbo fight and whoever he fought after by just laying on them and hitting them with pillows.

Then Roy comes in and tries to be funny any time Dana talks to him or asks him who he wants to fight next and Dana didn't find it funny at all.

It's like that new guy who gets hired at work and tries to be all funny and buddy buddy with everyone, but it just comes off as annoying and unfunny. You don't hate him but you don't want to talk to him at all either.
There is no secret reason. Dana was quite upfront about it, Roy is difficult to deal with as a promoter but he is a hell of a fighter. Dana doesn't have to like you to promote you and I think he has been more than fair with Roy. Why does everything have to be a consiracy?

Hahahaha. So true. Dana and Roy are both outspoken. The reasons for their disagreements are plain. So are the reasons for their continued cooperation in the fight business. Nothing more than run of the mill office drama. I've seen worse in accounting firms.
They both play a role... Dana pretends to dislike Roy his approach to the game and Roy pretends like doesn't give a fuck.
I think reality they get on just fine.
Some people just don't get a long. Dana has expressed he doesn't like the way Roy looks, his belly, his beard. Dana is sure that he can easily get rid of those things but he chooses not to.

I personally think he could have a 6 pack if he just trained properly and dieted down to LHW. But he chooses not to. With his power he'd be great at 205. He should also cut his beard and maybe loosen the hair a bit. It's a little gross IMO.

But the dude is still a bad m*ther f*****. I'm surprised he put away Mitrione.
Roy isn't a "yes man". He does/says whatever the f*ck he wants... which apparently really rubs dana the wrong way.
hard to say how much is marketing and how much is real disdain.

my take is that Roy is probably just a hard guy to deal with, especially if you are a control freak. he does his own thing. says all sorts of odd things, some of them poignant, some of them dumb.
He calls him AGAIN dumb as a rock when he picks the better team, wins more fights, wins the tuf contract with his guy, won tuf himself, even though fat trains smart enough to NEVER pull out of a fight injured, and beats Meathead by luring him into expecting an over hand right but instead sneaking an upper cut followed by a three punch combo....he absolutely own3d the entire situation start to end and is a finisher to boot.....therefore since he cant be as dumb as Dana lets on ( whats that make carwin) there must be some other reason.....I suspect he is not easily controlled and speaks his mind traits we ALL know Dana cant appreciate. ..

I think it goes back to Roy LNP'ing Kimbo TUF and then talking shit like he had had some sort of bad-ass dominant performance. Remember, Dana hates LNP and he LOVES hyped fighters who can sell cards. The UFC had really wanted to see Kimbo generate some excitement and in comes Roy Nelson and drops a big wet blanket on their plans and then has the bad sense to brag about it in front of an already pissed off boss. Dana is a resentful dude and has just never forgiven Roy for it (ironic as that is as Roy has turned out to have way more long term drawing power than Kimbo who's been repeatedly exposed in MMA)
Him and Dana have just never got along personally.
Him and Dana have just never got along personally.

Its more this. They just don't get along. They don't see eye to eye. They would never be friends or business partners and Dana would likely cut Roy quickly if he wasn't a fan favourite.
Even though Roy's guy won, he was still a shitty coach from the looks of it. But he is a fighter not a coach.....im on the fence about this guy.

Shitty ? He was a million gazillion time better than cheerleader Carwin . IMO he was one of the best coach they had , he gave the best advice and everytime his fighter lost was a lot because they didn't follow any game plan .