What's the point of the 'superman punch?'


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Jan 11, 2008
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?? I never understood the concept of it.. jumping in the air and punching? doesn't that take away some power?
^Explained perfectly. It's especially useful after landing a couple solid rear leg kicks first.
well...when you leap forward you also have momentum behind you, so you don't use too much power.

Its more of a surprise/trick attack....shouldn't use it too often.
If you do it right, you get more distance to your punch. A guy that is way shorter than me caught me with one. I didn't think I was in any danger of getting hit, because he was so far away, then BAM! He came flying through the air and caught me!
ive used this a couple of times sparing (probably 5-10 times in 3-4 months of training) and each time as long as i set it up with some good leg kicks it lands probably cleaner then anything else ive ever thrown.

again as long as its used sparingly, you dont want to become someone who uses this a lot, but it is nice to toss at someone who doesnt expect it, you can really get some good power and distance.

Plus its fun to throw and a crowd pleaser, but it isnt something you dont want to throw 3-4 times in a round.

?? I never understood the concept of it.. jumping in the air and punching? doesn't that take away some power?

If it lands and works? why not?

People always think some technique is gonna save them, or hours in the gym is gonna save them.

Some actually KNOW that they have it, coupled with hours in the gym (maybe), etc.

And sometimes you just have to jump in the air and pop someone in the mouth and drop them. If they drop? Cool. If they dont? You know you have to fight. PERIOD

I think nowadays too many are caught up in training and all and forgot that sometimes you just have to fight. I

And that shit is cool and beats gymrats and badasses all to hell!
there is still power behind the punch. james irvin KOed alexander houston just a few days ago with that. GSP also loves the superman punch.
you are propelling yourself off your back leg and thus really getting your whole body into the punch so if anything theres more power to be had from the punch, but like people have said its a surprise attack and you really only have like one or two shots at landing it
i've seen ppl set up a superman punch also by checking a kick with their leg and jumping right into the punch.
It works especially well against people who like to catch your kicks.
I throw alot of kicks, so I def use this tech and it is effective.
I realized it was a fake leg kick, but it seems like by throwing your leg back, you're also generating some force by pivoting your body at your hips (if this makes sense) when you throw your leg back.

I love to take down guys who throw it during sparring.

Um - cause they suck at it and/or throw it too much? lol, since GSP seemed to land it fine against Matt Hughes and I mean, shoot I don't know how good you are but Matt Hughes is pretty good :icon_chee