Whats the main difference between MT / Boxing?

Discussion in 'Boxing Discussion' started by Xplosive-Viking, Feb 22, 2016.

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    Feb 9, 2016
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    In terms of hands.

    My main weakness is probably boxing since ive trained that the least. Soon im going to start at a MMA gym that has Muay Thai, Submission wrestling, and MMA classes. No boxing.

    Ive got a bit experience in TKD, JKD and a littlebit of K1 style kickboxing/BJJ.

    Ive felt that Muay Thai would be enough to get my hands on par, but ive seen several ppl saying boxing is nescessary and muay thai isnt enough alone. My main weapond will probably always be my kicks, and threat of Take-down with a good top game.
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    the stance is different for Muay Thai, you're more square on because of the way you throw kicks. Due to this you won't generate the same sort of power in your hands as a pure boxer. I boxed long before doing any Muay Thai/kickboxing and I feel I benefitted because of it. Most of the guys I train k1 kickboxing with are weak with their hands. If you can find a boxing gym just to train once a week on top of the mma training, I personally would recommend it. You will learn to hit harder, have better form and be more elusive
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    Haha, when I seen the title I thought this was a joke but since you're asking a valid question:

    You're not gonna hold your guard as high, MT fighters you'll see bouncing their arms with their elbows square with their jaw, in boxing obviously you'd get your ribs smashed and your lungs took real fast. Fighters wouldn't stand near as close, and I don't mean the 'pocket' cause MT guys can stand an trade close too but typically they're watching out for front kicks and knees, the footwork and placing is completely different given you're only getting attacked with hands, and of course the clinch! if klitshcko vs fury was MT it would have been over after the first round
  4. KillerIsBack V2

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    People responded enough.
    Anything else u'd have to deal with coaches and ask them.
    Anyway, I'll give u a very important advice since u say "everyone " told u boxing is "nessessary".
    Nothing is nessessary, u have to look and add to ur system from where-ever u can, and take out anything less comfortable/effetient.
    oNCE IT WAS bjj, then it as boxing, then now even Karate is making a huge comback.
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    I mean not to be that guy but... Kicks.. knees...elbows...spinning shit.. ect

    But to attempt at being slighlty more helpful, in MT you stand waaaay more square. i had a terrible time un-learning years of boxing stance when i started doing MT. You always need good hands tho my man. It makes you just that much more of a threat, Iirc there's some pro kickboxers on here that could tell you better. Whoever it is im thinking of has some pretty nasty hands ontop of some even nastier kicks and shit. Once I got a little more accquainted with MT I had a field day with having good hands ontop of it, makes it feel like you're never out of your comfort zone.
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    I've been told by people that know that John Wayne Parr the MT champ has incorporated a lot more of a western boxing style into his hands for MT, maybe look him up on YT for interest's sake.
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    It depends what arena you go in.....Muay Thai is more developing the clinch and striking game...that's the main difference. A good boxer with great Muai thai vs a great Muay thai with average boxing could go either way...depends on the fighter at the end of the day. each sport has strengths in different skills sets...the muay thai is mopre use of what is not allowed in boxing and boxing just hands is more cleaner and usually can get a more deliberate result with hands alone.
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    If you're doing MT at an MMA gym in the states or a western country, then you will learn some basic form of boxing. Muay thai in the states or in the western countries is basically Kickboxing. Western countries by default rely on the hands in any combat sport. Now if you were to have a real Kru who is a thai, then chances are that you will get no boxing experience. So dont worry, any MMA or Kickboxing gym will let teach you hand or some form of boxing techniques.

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