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What's the best way to get back in shape?


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Jul 28, 2004
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I been boxing for a while, and I recently took about 4 months off. I'm back in training, but my conditioning sucks. From you guys' experiences, what's the best way to get back in shape? Running? if so how fast? just regular jogging for long distance or sprinting? Or should I just keep hitting the bags until I get back to my normal self? Thanks in advance for your help!
keep hitting the bags, but, throw in some running. i like to do like 2 days of long distance, say 2-5 miles, then do a day of sprint intervals. on the sprints i stay between 50 and 200 yards. probably closer to the 50 more often than not.

interval training is very good for cardio.
Well, for your cardio and overall conditioning running is one of the essentials. As for how fast, how far, etc, I say mix it up. Jog a few laps around the track, sprint hard a good distance, work your way back up to a jog, break out into a sprint, just mix it up and interval. The main thing is that you push yourself and work hard. Pushing yourself and self-motivation is so important in any exercise that you do in order to make real gains with yourself physically as well as mentally. When you think you can't run anymore, push out another lap. Sprint another 20 meters, etc etc.

...Wow, I just read "a stastics" post and his is better than mine. Just follow his. haha
I seriously hate sprinting, sprinting makes me nausas, but it's neccasary
I hate to run but much prefer sprinting because the workloads are higher (leg fatigue kicks in more, unless its a fast medium run which takes longer) and I don't get as bored.

Funny how people are isn't it
thx to all you guys, i will start doing that this week. goodluck to all you guys in ur training too.

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