what's the best strategy against a much larger opponent?


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May 19, 2008
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if the opponent is standing with leading leg being his left leg then first go for an ankle pick for his left leg - grab his ankle with both hands then push your left shoulder against the upper part of his leg - taking him down. still hold on to his leg with your left hand then shift your legs forward - wrapping your left leg around his and locking your legs around his left leg, still holding his leg. then go for a reverse heel hook - secure his left foot by positioning his toes under your armpit. then place the blade of your left forearm under his heel. bring the blade of your right forearm over his leg and then lock your hands together. twist your body to the right while leaning back.

The reason why i would go for an ankle pick is to avoid the superior strength of a larger opponent i.e. his upper body. the reason for the reverse heel hook is to isolate his ankle from the rest of his body and concentrate on that area with all the strength of my entire body without him able to reach me.
Arm drag.
Take back.

See Marcelo for references.
I like to play my sweep game with a few consideration to a larger opponent. I perfer the pulling into sit guard, hook sweeping my opponent (with the foot coiled), and submitting from the mounted position.